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(Lowest prices are on line but are you having a problem ? call tech support at Ph. 843-655-0381)

Tips on How to turn the Instant Price Quote into a Reservation

1.We ask for the address of the billing credit card. Only put in a street address with no apartment number. If your bill to address is a P.O. box or a postal box please put the address of the post office as your address when it asks for your billing address of your credit card and leave off the P.O. Box. Make sure the Zip code is right.

2.Always select from the drop down do not cut copy paste or type the entire address.

3.Always put in your cell phone number and if you do not have one put that in the remarks section and use your home phone number in the blank.

4. Comments section: Put baby seat or booster seat , Need Wheel chair at airport, Special directions due to your address is not in the drop down. Use a close street instead in the drop down, If your flight can not be found put that in comment section and check box do not have flight information. Anything you would like the driver to know. Want to add the tip on now you can put that in the comment section. If you put a extra charge in comment section the manager will have to add this on example there will be more people etc.

5. If you do not have a email address write [email protected]

6. You do not have to list the names of each passenger.

7. Use code “round trip” to save 5% only if it is round trip. If it is not the agent will take that off.

8.There is a 35.00 charge between the hours of 8PM and 7AM maybe you can adjust your time to save.

9. Need a Wheel chair van or a van with stretcher just tell us in the comment section and click the button for handicap.

If you are flying in from the following cities we say a special Welcome!. We will have the Myrtle Beach International Airport Shuttle waiting and ready to go when you arrive. Make sure and have a reservation because we are always sold out : Akron - Canton, OH - Allentown, PA - Atlanta, GA - Atlantic City, NJ - Baltimore, MD - Boston, MA - Charleston, WV - Charlotte, NC - Chicago, IL - Cincinnati, OH - Clarksburg, WV - Cleveland, OH - Columbus, OH - Dallas, TX - Dayton, OH - Detroit, MI - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Fort Wayne, IN - Harrisburg, PA - Hartford, CT - Huntington, WV - Indianapolis, IN - Latrobe, PA - Lexington, KY - New York, NY - Newark, NJ - Niagara Falls, NY - Philadelphia, PA - Pittsburgh, PA - Plattsburgh, NY - Portsmouth, NH - St. Louis/Belleville - Syracuse, NY - Toronto, ON - Washington, DC - Youngstown, OH.