Square Pay in Advance Option

Square Pay in Advance Option



Option Square invoicing for trips – Pay in Advance.

1. Get Price Call us at 843-655-0381 or fill in form bottom of page for Quote.

2. Receive price via email pay here and done.

3. Ready to Board with your confirmation number and last name.


Secure – No need to give your credit card information over the phone or even worse on an email. Myrtle Beach airport shuttle will send you an invoice in advance that you can pay online on a secure website. We use square as a third-party which does not share your credit card information.

When you arrive – Make sure that the person who was traveling has their name on our reservation list because we will be matching and ID for security reasons for this transaction. All travelers must have a picture ID normally a drivers license or several other IDs to prove who the traveler is in case the payment is made with a fraudulent card. If it is found that the payment was made with a fraudulent card the traveler will not be able to board the Myrtle Beach airport shuttle.

How – All you have to do is call 1-800-699-7684 and we will send you the invoice.Then it can be paid over the Internet through square keeping your information guarded.

Identification – Occasionally depending on the transaction we may ask for a copy of your driver’s license when you pay the invoice or we may require home address, home phone, ZIP Code, and drivers license number for verification that matches the used credit card.

Cancelation – You can only cancel 1 week in advance if you pay in advance due to vehicle scheduling.

Fraud- Any traveler who is involved in a fraudulent credit card transaction with Myrtle Beach airport shuttle will be reported while in our Van and taken to the Myrtle Beach airport police. We take credit card fraud very seriously.

For your protection every vehicle has a video camera and a microphone which records everything.

Charge Backs: – All transactions are filmed and recorded in the van.
If you attempt a charge back because you did not qualify for a refund, please note our procedure. We will respond to such charge backs immediately. We then depending upon the dollar amount can/will file charges of credit card fraud with the Horry County Sheriff (Please note that the dollar threshold in  is very low to become a felony). You can also be subject to civil penalties of up to 3 times the amount of booking or a minimum of $200.00, plus court cost and legal fees. We also may send your information to our associations and other transportation companies impeding your ability to get transfers in the future within the State of South Carolina. Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle as well as other transportation companies have zero tolerance for credit card fraud and work together to combat it. Don’t get Blacklisted.


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