Medical Transportation or Child Car Seats

Medical Transportation or Child Car Seats

Forward Facing Toddler Seats- Booster Seats -Backward Facing Infant Seats 

$14.95 Each

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child and elderly
child and elderly

“Yes we now provide wheelchair and stretcher support “

Medical Transportation or Child Car Seats. If you are elderly and require a wheelchair or stretcher we can help. Child car seat provided.

We can provide wheelchairs and stretcher vehicles.

We can provide wheelchairs and stretcher vehicles. We do not accept the payments. The payments are made to the selected company in charge of the transportation.  Medical Transportation Service broker is able to keep track of the current location and schedule. We do not supply the equipment but are brokers of the service and make sure the companies we work with meet all license requirements .You will pay the company that picks you up and that will be before pick up. 

(A Sub-Contracted Service)

Medical or Elderly

elderly travel
elderly travel

If you are elderly and require a wheelchair it must be able to fold and fit into our van. We do have wheel chairs waiting for you at the airport. Passengers are required to be able to walk from the wheelchair and with help position themselves in the van. We dowheel chair lift not have canes and wheel chairs in our vans. We also offer a half step getting into the van. Its only a few inches for each step. We know how those big 8 inch steps are for you at an elderly age. Let us help you.

Our Vans are not equipped with wheelchair ramps and we do not store wheelchairs on board that do not fold. We can make arrangements at Myrtle Beach airport so that a wheelchair will meet you when you get off the plane and takes you to the van for transportation. We do not have or support stretchers or extremely poor medical conditions that riders could have. In this case please arrange for a ambulance or other provider.

All riders must be prepared to pay by either credit card or cash as we do not accept Medicare and Medicaid at this time. We will give a receipt for you to file a claim.

Professional chauffeurs Must complete driving courses and first aid certification along with cardiopulmonary resuscitation and quality driving reviews.

stretcher or wheel chair


Children –  Baby seat $14.95 Each Seat

Backward Facing Infant Seats  $14.95 Each
Backward Facing Infant Seats  $14.95 Each
Booster Seats - $14.95 Each
Booster Seats – $14.95 Each
Forward Facing Toddler Seats- Booster Seats -Backward Facing Infant Seats  $14.95 Each
Forward Facing Toddler Seats- Booster Seats -Backward Facing Infant Seats  $14.95 Each

Parents are expected to give us details on the number of children that are either not six years old or their weight is less than 80 pounds. Myrtle Beach airport shuttle takes extra time with children and the elderly,we do not have a rate meter and we are not under stress to do things as fast as we can like a taxi. Baby seat $14.95 Each.

We always tell our customers slowdown we are not a hurry let’s take our time and make sure everyone gets to destination safe and on schedule. The Myrtle Beach airport shuttle is equipped with one a child seat and booster seat for 14.95 each. If you need additional child seating there would be an extra charge of $29.90 for 2 and so on . You can also use your own child seats as well.

South Carolina’s child passenger restraint law requires that:

  • Children from birth to 1 year old, or who weigh less than 20 pounds, must be secured in a rear-facing child safety seat.
  • Children 1 through 5 years old weighing at least 20 pounds and less than 40 pounds must be restrained in a forward-facing child seat.
  • Children 1 through 5 years old weighing 40 to 80 pounds must be secured in a belt-positioning booster seat.
  • Children under the age of 6 are not required to be in booster seats if they weigh more than 80 pounds or if they can sit with their backs against the car’s seat and bend their legs over the seat edge without slouching.
  • Children under 6 may not sit in the front passenger seat. However, this restriction does not apply if the vehicle has no rear passenger seats or if all other rear passenger seats are occupied by children less than 6 years old.

Non-emergency medical transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation  a suite of specialized NEMT software to be able to match up transport requests with the right vehicles, the right routes, and the right schedule in order to confirm that the client can access the vehicle for transportation. Riders who require wheelchairs, walkers, mobility scooters, or even gurneys are ensured that when their ride arrives, they can board and disembark at their destination without undue difficulties.

We will also work with the call center to make sure that clients seeking transport are qualified to receive the service and are approved and scheduled for the best possible time for the client’s request.

We will keep track of the current location and schedule of all drivers, often through the software itself, and is able to calculate trip costs and timing for each transport as accurately as possible ahead of time, which helps both the client and the provider to best plan and manage each trip.

We will also help to ensure that each NEMT provider and its drivers are all properly licensed, outfitted, and insured, and that all pertinent data, such as the riders’ names and trip details, are recorded and properly reported for payment or reimbursement.

For the riders, access to NEMT services is often as easy as picking up the phone and telling us when and where they need to go, and what sort of accommodations need to be made (if any). We will then take on the task of handling the details, including qualification, scheduling, and payment, which enables those in need of this important service to just have to ‘show up’ at their appointed time in order to get the medical services they require.

We can literally make a difference in people’s lives and their recovery from illness or injury, as well as for those seniors who aren’t able to transport themselves to their medical appointments.


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