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murrells inlet map shuttle

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Murrells Inlet Shuttle – The only regular shuttle to Murrells Inlet direct to destination – Flat rate cost for up to 6 and Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle will match any price.

The Seafood Capital of the South – Murrell’s Inlet

Murrell’s inlet is a little town located south of Myrtle Beach. The Myrtle Beach airport shuttle goes to Murrell’s inlet on a daily basis by making a reservation. Some of the things that people frequent in Murrell’s inlet on the Myrtle Beach airport shuttle is what’s known as the Marsh Walk. This is a boardwalk type area 1/2 mile long in the sleepy village that people go to for food drink and dancing. The Myrtle Beach airport shuttle also goes to a famous bar known as suck bang and blow which was made famous during the biker events held twice a year.

The Myrtle Beach airport shuttle goes to Murrell’s inlet depending on the location the cost is very low. Some call Muriel’s inlet the seafood capital South Carolina. The boats congregate and the fishes taken right off of them and cooked right at the inlet restaurants.

One of the oldest founded areas that goes back to the 1700s is Murrell’s inlet. The town is less than 10,000 permanent residents and prides itself on being a small town without the neon lights of Myrtle Beach. You would like to relax and go fishing this would be the place your vacation.

If you need transportation to the Murrell’s inlet area that Myrtle Beach airport shuttle get you there and back. Just take a minute and fill in the small form below or call 800-699-7684 nonstop direct service.