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Garden City Shuttle Service

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Garden City Shuttle ServiceGarden City Shuttle Service

The King Fish pier is the center of attraction for Garden City. Or you can just call it the Garden City Pier. The Myrtle Beach airport shuttle has brought many people to the Garden City pier. The pier features music and also alcohol. The end of the pier is covered in case it rains. In 1989 the pair was destroyed and rebuilt to its current condition.

The Garden City shuttle goes back and forth to Myrtle Beach airport on a daily basis. You can fill in the form below for a ride. Rates range from five dollars per person with a party of six or $30-$50 depending on time of day.

Garden City features many homes and is a great break from the big city of Myrtle Beach. For over 30 years they have had the best golf cart parade on the grand strand. Myrtle Beach airport shuttle has given many a ride back and forth to the famous golf cart parade.

Don’t forget about Sam’s corner where you can go and get the best hotdogs in the Myrtle Beach grand strand area. Myrtle Beach airport shuttle has given many people a ride just to go to Sam’s.

At this time the Garden City shuttle also known as Myrtle Beach airport shuttle is the only direct shuttle route to Garden City South Carolina. Please take a minute and fill in the form below so that you will have the lowest priced best direct route to Garden City at your convenience and a private van limo.

Located between Muriel’s Inlet in Surfside beach is the small town of Garden City. Don’t worry we know exactly where it is as we go there every day. See you on the beautiful pier.



myrtle beach airport shiuttle to garden city pier


Garden City Shuttle Service