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Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle L.L.C. is Owned Privately and Operated Independently. Comments and Questions should be addressed to :

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Help/FAQ – Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle Find answers to all your Questions

Myrtle Beach International Airport – MYR – 1100 Jetport Rd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 – Phone/Text  (Main Office)# 843-655-0381

Charleston International Airport – CHS – 5500 International Blvd, Charleston, SC 29418 – 

Florence Regional Airport – FLO – 2100 Terminal Dr, Florence, SC 29501 – Phone# 843-236-3380

Wilmington International Airport – ILM1740 Airport Blvd, Wilmington, NC 28405 – Phone# 843-492-5550

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Lowest Prices are on line  {$ 5.00 charge for call in reservations}

  • What are your Pick up and Drop off Details and other charges or offers ?
  • Upfront Pricing, Professional Drivers, Reliable Service
  • Since 1999 – Rated Number 1 – 365 Days a Year – Guaranteed Lowest Price – Safe – Affordable – Reliable – Insured – Licensed – Bonded – Flat Rate –
  • $40.00 After Hours Charge between 8 PM to 8 AM and all Holidays are a $35.00 extra charge.
  • Extra wait time when I pay $20.00 for a stop is After 20 minutes 1 Dollar a minute.
  • 2 bags for each person is included in price. A each extra bag is $5.00 per bag and a golf bag counts as 2 bags.
  • Baby seat $14.95 Each. Baby seats are installed and approved by parents.
  • Service dogs and pets $10.00 Each. ( Must have blanket or crate)
  • When the driver is there to pick you up and you are not ready after 6 minutes there is a charge of $20.00 then $1.00 a minute. This charge is not for late flights or waiting for bags.
  • What are the hours for pick up and drop off – Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle offices are open 24 hours a day 365 Days a Year.
  • Do you want an honest price in writing and not a range like Uber?
  • At peak times the shuttle maybe 15 minutes early or late please set your schedule accordingly. Please bring your credit card you booked with.
  • If you have less than 7 people in your party and other passengers are going your way the shuttle maybe shared at peak times.
  • Our official website address is and our email for questions
  • Providing Ground Transportation to and from : MYR-Myrtle Beach, FLO-Florence, ILM-Wilmington, CHS-Charleston and all Hotels.
  • Hotels, Condos, Private Homes and Business in North & South Carolina, Private Door to Door. The largest Ground Transportation web site in the Carolina’s.(110 Pages)
  • “Book a Stress Free Ride – Getting you to who Matters Most – Your Family”. We know you are looking for quality safe transportation at a low-cost to Hotels or Anywhere.
  • Free Frequent Flyer Miles when you book a shuttle to Hotels or Anywhere.
  • All Passengers must have the credit card present they used to make the reservation. The card must be in the name of the traveler and a driver’s license or state ID to match the card. If not cash or a swipe of a credit card will be used before travel.
  • I would like to hear from others who use your service – Click here for Testimonials.
  • What are your terms and what do I sign in the vehicle Terms: I agree to the terms that are listed. Mandatory Tip not included in price. A receipt will be sent to you via email. This transaction will have recorded cameras in vehicle. There is no refund under any circumstance.  We do issue in store credit. I will not try a refund by contacting the credit card company after the sale. This sale is final. I am authorized to use this card or I will face Prosecution for fraud. There is a $35.00 After Hours Charge added on for drop off after 8 PM and pick ups before 7 AM and all Holidays $ 35.00.
  • How do I Reserve the shuttle – You can do online form  or Call us at 843-655-0381.
  • Cancel – Easy to work with and understanding of  Your situation. Things change just tell us and we will reschedule your trip.
  • How do I find you for pick up – Turn your cell phone on if you do not have a cell phone the driver also carries a sign with your name on it at the Airport. At a hotel or other location please be looking outside for a black van. Always put in the remarks section that you will not have a cell phone. He will be located at the escalator and baggage claim. For details go to Pick up instruction page.
  • How Much to add a person after the reservation – At least 15.00 but could be more depending on the trip. Always chose the right number of passengers when making a reservation.
  • Tip for checkout: We ask for the address of the billing credit card. Only put in a street address with no apartment number. If your bill to address is a P.O. box or a postal box please put the address of the post office as your address when it asks for your billing address of your credit card and leave off the P.O. Box. Make sure the Zip code is right.
  • What are the hours for pick up and drop off – Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle offices are open 24 hours a day 365 Days a Year.
  • I will not have the credit card present when the driver asks me for it. Read Below and follow instructions.
    1. How do I set up an account so someone can travel without the card present? Down load the form here and send it back to us (cc-authorizationform credit card pdf) .
    2. Then email or fax at 800-860-1635 or picture text back to us at 843-655-0381 .
    3.  Provide a picture of Your ID that Matches the credit card.
    4. Copy of credit card Front and back.
    5. The person that Travels with us will be asked for an ID also but it does not have to match the credit card.
    6. Do not forget about the 20% tip to the driver, you can add that on now to the credit card authorization form or have the traveler give it to the driver. If the trip is a round trip then make sure and add all the costs up and put them in the credit card authorization total. You can get a pre paid visa card from Walmart if you do not like the above instructions. For more details please go to this page
  • Do I need the credit card used for reservation.All Passengers must have the credit card present they used to make the reservation or see above. You will be asked to show the code on the back to the driver. The card must be in the name of the traveler and a driver’s license or state ID to match the card. If not cash or a swipe of a credit card will be used before travel.  If you do not have the card present follow instructions above.
  • What is the age of the traveler to be and what kind of card do you accept . – All ages are welcome and we accept all credit and debit cards.
  • Do you have a taxi meter – Flat Rate No Taxi Meter.
  • Dogs and Pets cost : $10.00 each. 
  • We have a large group do you have a travel coordinator for corporationsYes included in every price go to corporate travel for more info.
  • How do I pay and when -Debit Card or Credit Card Accepted when you make a reservation.
  • Do you stop on the way – No direct to your destination and first class. Unless a person is going your direction during peak hours.
  • How many in 1 shuttle – Seven Passengers.
  • Does the price include the mandatory 20% tip to the driver. NO
  • Is there a cancelation fee – We do credit on file for your next trip.
  • Is there a waiting fee – After 6 minutes yes it is $20.00 minimum then 1 dollar a minute. (Not including late flights – no charge if plane is late or waiting on bags from plane)
  • Where do you go – We are everywhere you want to be.
  • How much are baby seats – $14.95 each or bring your own.
  • What you agree to when using our services. I agree to the terms that are listed. Mandatory Tip not included in price. All transaction recorded by cameras in vehicle. There is no refund under any circumstance. I will not try a refund by contacting the credit card company after the sale. This sale is final. I am authorized to use this credit card to charge the trip or I will face Prosecution for fraud.
  • How much is extra wait time after I pay $20.00 for a stop ? – After 20 minutes its 1 Dollar a minute.
  • After 2 bags for each person is included in price, how much is each extra bag. – $5.00 per extra bag and a golf bag counts as 2 bags.
  • What hotels and condos do you stop at – See our links page but we go everywhere you want to be.
  • I need pick up instructions – go to Pick up instruction page
  • How do I cancel my reservationCall us at 843-655-0381. Credit will be given for your next trip but not a refund.
  • Do you have surge prices – No never,the price is given in writing in advance.
  • Do you have price ranges – Never exact prices.
  • Do you send a van or a Limo – New Black Van
  • Can I pay in advance – Yes that is the only way.
  • What if my plane is late – Its ok as we track the flight so no charge.
  • What if my flight is canceled – We credit you for the next flight.
  • Where are your locations – go to Locations Page
  • Will the shuttle stop at a store – Yes $20.00 if it is on the way to destination or very close after 20 minutes its 1 dollar a minute so hurry.
  • Does it cost to have the Driver Wait – 20 minutes is $20.00 for waiting then 1.00 a minute. ( this is when the driver is ready and you want to eat lunch ect.)
  • I have more than seven in my party – We have to send 2 vans or 1 back and forth – Double the cost.
  • Does it cost more if I have 4 people or 1 Person– No Same Cost. over 4 is more.
  • Do I need a credit card or Debit to reserve a shuttle – Yes.
  • Is a Taxi less cost – No it is not they use a meter you don’t know the cost.
  • Do you have a Meter that runs in the Limo or shuttle – No Flat rate no other charges.
  • We have canes or walkers and need help in getting in and out – We specialize in this type of help when needed.
  • Do I have to wait for you at the airport – No we have a sign with your family name at the escalator when you enter the airport.(peak times 15 min wait). Turn your phone on.
  • Who will be in our Van Limo – Just your Family and Friends OR if someone is going the same direction as you during peak times.
  • Average Cost for 1-7 People around the Myrtle Beach and Horry County area – $30-$60 for 1-7 People.
  • Ask a Question call us – Call us at 843-655-0381.
  • What is your area – South Carolina, North Carolina.
  • What does the Limo Van look like – New Black van sits 7 passengers says on it Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle.
  • Do you have all the Insurances and licenses – Yes.
  • Do you pick up/Drop off only at MYR airport – We service South Carolina and North Carolina.
  • Do you have Golf, Bachelorette/Bachelor Party’s and by the hour to bars and clubs – Yes.
  • Does it cost by the person – No 1-7 included.
  • When do I pay – By credit card or Debit Card in advance you can convert to cash once in van.
  • Do you take Credit cards and Debit Cards – Yes all of them you can think of and cash no checks.
  • Do chauffeur’s have a dress code – Yes, embroiled shirt with collar and blue short pants.
  • Do the drivers have any special training– Drug testing,driver training and 10 year back ground check.
  • I need help ASAPCall us at 843-655-0381
  • What are your Hours – 24/7.
  • What if add someone at the airport or hotel and they are not on the list of people to ride – 15.00 and ID required.
  • How safe is this and the drivers – *Live Camera and Sound Record in van limo for protection of Driver and Fares.
  • Pick up Area: Myrtle Beach including all of North and South Carolina (Not just the Airport).
  • *Your own chauffeur will hold a sign with your last name at the bottom of the escalator. The chauffeur will show you where to get bags and carry them to the private limo shuttle for you. Then its straight to the destination in your private limo van shuttle that holds 6 and is better faster and cheaper than a taxi.
  • Drop off Area: North or South Carolina.
  • How we figure what your job cost ? : Door to Door Service – No seating Charge (Extra Charges May Apply for After hours and Holiday 35.00).
  • Is there a wait time charge for traffic and stop lights: No Charge it is Flat Rate and No Taxi Meter.
  • What does that include : A Driver with Seating for 7 Passengers in a Limo Van with Fuel no other charges.
  • Are the Rates one way: Yes.
  • what is after hours and Holiday ChargeThere is a $35.00 After Hours Charge added on for drop off after 8 PM and pick ups before 7 AM and all Holidays $ 35.00.
  • Is there a Taxi Meter in the Limo Van: No its a flat rate.
  • When do I pay: When you enter the Limo van if you want to convert to cash from credit card.
  • Do you take Credit Cards and Cash: Yes  But no Checks.
  • I am in need a walker or wheel chair – We have a lot of expertise and can help, just let us know the details.
  • Who drives the Limo Van: Only locals who are registered chauffeurs.
  • Do I need a reservation: Yes * we are always sold out.
  • All drivers – undergo drug testing and driver training.
  • Do the drivers have great driving records – Yes we go back 10 years and many do not qualify we only take the best.
  • What Licenses does Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle have : Myrtle Beach City Business License, Conway Business License, North Myrtle Beach Medallion, State of South Carolina SCPSC 8900 – Myrtle Beach Airport Pick up Permit, Business Insurance and Auto Insurance for all Van Limo Riders.
  • What cities do you stop in every day ? The Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle Stops Below:
  • Who owns this company  -Ownership : Not Managed or Affiliated with Myrtle Beach International Airport. Under Private Investment Ownership closed to the Public with no Offering on the open market at this time.


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