Private Direct Shuttle – Myrtle Beach Airport

Private Direct Shuttle – Myrtle Beach Airport

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When does the shuttle leave and where does it go? We leave when you land and go to your exact location door 2 door non stop.

“Private Direct Shuttle – Myrtle Beach Airport  – On Line Booking-24/7-Average $20-$69 Includes 6 of your Guests by Appointment only $4.00 – $11.00 Per Person – Price is figured by Distance”

On Line Booking-24/7 -$4.00 to $11.00 Person←
→Avg. $20-$69 group of 6 Guests & 1 Van with Driver Airport Shuttle Transportation


private direct shuttle myrtle beach
Private Direct Shuttle Myrtle Beach

Private Direct Shuttle – Myrtle Beach Airport -This is the most popular by far of all of our services. Direct shuttle leaves on your schedule. There is no waiting and you don’t have to stop to pick up others on the way to your destination. The price is not that much higher than waiting for the $16 shuttle that only leaves at 9 AM, 1 PM and 5 PM and is not direct.

If you’re flying into Myrtle Beach airport when you come down the escalator stairs before you get your luggage your own chauffeur will be standing there with your name and flight number on a sign.The chauffeur will get your baggage and take you straight to destination,you will not be asked to pick up others or wait on anyone to arrive.

If you are at your home condo or business the shuttle will arrive when you tell it to for a private direct ride to your destination. You will get a phone call when the shuttle leaves and then another one when it is in front of your door.

The Myrtle Beach airport shuttle direct does not stop to pick up others,it takes your party directly to destination. You get a chauffeur and seating for up to six people for one flat price. There is no meter and there are no extra charges. If you have six people and you divide the cost of the shuttle $20-$60 then per person the price would only be between $4-$10. Not including Gratuity.

If you do not have six people in your party the price remains the same and if you’re traveling alone maybe it would be better to wait for the $16 shuttle as you would be able to split the price with other travelers as long as you have the patience and time that it takes to pick them up and drop them off.

If you look at the price difference it’s usually around $20 or $30. If you are concerned about the time and you are on a schedule please book the direct shuttle and we will get you to your destination on time.

There are a few occasions where the shuttle will stop to pick up one other party only if it is on the way and the drop-off points are the same. We try to avoid this at all costs but at peak tourist times we have to put another person in the van so they don’t miss their flight or appointment. In no way would this be a disruption to your schedule or cause you to wait or go out of your way.


Private Direct Shuttle – Myrtle Beach Airport

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