Contact – Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle

Contact – Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle

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5 offices for your transportation needs 

    1. Myrtle Beach International Airport Shuttle – MYR – (Web) -Map- 1100 Jetport Rd, Myrtle Beach, SC- 29577 – Phone/Text  Main Office#  843-655-0381
    2. Charleston International Airport – CHS – (Web) -Map-  5500 International Blvd, Charleston, SC – 29418 – Phone (From USA Only)# 800-699-7684
    3. Florence Regional Airport – FLO – (Web)-Map- 2100 Terminal Dr.  Florence, SC – 29501 – Phone# 843-236-3380
    4. Wilmington International Airport – ILM – (Web) -Map- 1740 Airport Blvd, Wilmington, NC – 28405 – Phone# 843-492-5550
    5. Columbia Metropolitan Airport – CAE-(Web) –Map– 3250 Airport Blvd West Columbia, SC – 29170 – Phone# 800-699-7684 

Central Fax Number toll-free to all offices is 800-860-1635 or text 843-655-0381




Online Reservations

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Open 24/7 

Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle L.L.P. is Owned Privately and Operated Independently. Myrtle Beach International Airport is under Management of The Department of Airports and in no way partners with Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle L.L.P Comments and Questions should be addressed to .800-699-7684 or 843-236-3380, Text 843-655-0381 () 628 E Flintlake CT, Myrtle Beach,SC,29579, 24/7, Since 1999, Safe and Affordable.

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Contact Myrtle Beach airport shuttle 24 hours a day seven days a week including holidays. We are open 365 days a year so that you can get to and from your destination. You can contact us either by phone or email and even instant text message.

Contact Myrtle Beach airport shuttle for any questions you may have about the Myrtle Beach area how we operate what kind of payment we take and any other question you may have.

Many of the questions can be answered in our Q&A section located here on the website. However you should always have the address and location of any ride that you accept for the reasons of accountability.

Contact Myrtle Beach airport shuttle whenever you land or you are in a bind and need to find transportation immediately. No matter what the circumstances are you can contact Myrtle Beach airport shuttle and we are here to talk with you in person about your travel needs.

Not Affiliated with MYR Airport

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Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle Online Reservation – Ground Transportation – Telephone: 800-699-7684 – Email: –


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