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The black-tie service offered by Myrtle Beach airport shuttle : The shuttle service starts at $200 and this does not include gratuity. – The hourly charges are $60 per hour with a three-hour minimum. If you have a very special occasion such as a wedding, bachelor party or any very special event we would recommend the black-tie service. The chauffeur will take your party wherever you want to go and then patiently wait outside for you to return and be taken to your next destination.

If you have a special client that you would like to impress the Myrtle Beach airport shuttle black-tie service is the way to go. No matter what time of day how early in the morning or how late at night the black-tie service chauffeur is waiting for you.

Special services include opening the doors, carrying your luggage and driving you where ever you want to go for however long you want to stay. If you would like to take an evening and be treated like the ultimate rock star or sports hero we would recommend the Myrtle Beach airport shuttle black-tie service.

Gratuity of 20% to the driver is not included in the price and any extra gratuity is always appreciated.

We do need at least a one week notice so that we can have our very best ready for you. just email us at for a application or call 800-699-7684

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