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Prices Airport Shuttle

Sale Save 20% today [bb-date format=M/d/y] – Open 24/7 – Ph. 843-655-0381

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Need to set up travel and will not have the credit card with you please go to  LINK


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Non-Stop Vans | No Price Range | No Taxi Meter | Exact Price in Writing | Stress Free


Tip for checkout: We ask for the address of the billing credit card. Only put in a street address with no apartment number. If your bill to address is a P.O. box or a postal box please put the address of the post office as your address when it asks for your billing address of your credit card and leave off the P.O. Box. Make sure the Zip code is right.


Black SUV car Service

5% Off Round Trip use code Round Trip

Cheaper than Taxi Rates and Uber

“First Class Direct” “Private”- “Non-Stop” – “Door to Door” – “Ground Transportation”

By reservation only no airport walk on

rent car seat booster seat

Quick overview of extra charges – I agree to terms listed on pages attached & E-mailed. Transaction Recorded by cameras in van . No refund under any circumstance including a refund by contacting credit card company after sale. I am authorized to use this card or Prosecution. $35.00 After Hours Charge between 8 PM to 7 AM.  Holiday charge $35.00. For a stop $20.00 After 20 minutes 1 Dollar a minute.  A extra bag after 2 per person is $5.00 per bag and a golf bag counts as 2 bags.  Baby seat $10.00 Each.  Service dogs and pets $10.00 Each (Must have crate or blanket. Not ready after 6 minutes $20.00 then $1.00 a minute. Does not include late flights or for bags at airport.

Not just any ride new vehicles and we get you up to date on what to do and how to have fun in myrtle beach.

  • Prices – Flat Rate – No Taxi Meter – Debit Card or Credit Card Accepted – $4-$11 per person -Based on 6 total in your group
    includes van and driver 7 total – best value – $24-$66.No waiting. 
  • $35.00 After Hours Charge between 8 PM to 7 AM and all Holidays are a $35.00 extra charge.
  • Extra wait time when I pay $20.00 for a stop is After 20 minutes 1 Dollar a minute.
  • 2 bags for each person is included in price. A each extra bag is $5.00 per bag and a golf bag counts as 2 bags.
  • Baby seat $10.00 Each.
  • Service dogs and pets $10.00 Each. ( Must have blanket or crate)
  • When the driver is there to pick you up and you are not ready after 6 minutes there is a charge of $20.00 then $1.00 a minute. This charge is not for late flights or waiting for bags.
  • What are the hours for pick up and drop off – Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle offices are open 24 hours a day but pick up and drop offs are between the hours of 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM 365 Days a Year.
  • Do you want an honest price in writing and not a range like Uber?
  • At peak times the shuttle maybe 15 minutes early or late please set your schedule accordingly. Please bring your credit card you booked with.
  • If you have less than 6 people in your party and other passengers are going your way the shuttle maybe shared at peak times.
  • Our official website address is and our email for questions
  • Providing Ground Transportation to and from : MYR-Myrtle Beach, FLO-Florence, ILM-Wilmington, CHS-Charleston and all Hotels.
  • Hotels, Condos, Private Homes and Business in North & South Carolina, Private Door to Door. The largest Ground Transportation web site in the Carolina’s.(110 Pages)
  • “Book a Stress Free Ride – Getting you to who Matters Most – Your Family”. We know you are looking for quality safe transportation at a low-cost to Hotels or Anywhere.
  • Free Frequent Flyer Miles when you book a shuttle to Hotels or Anywhere.
  • All Passengers must have the credit card present they used to make the reservation. The card must be in the name of the traveler and a driver’s license or state ID to match the card. If not cash or a swipe of a credit card will be used before travel. If you would like instructions because the card is not present go to the  “FAQ link.
  • For more information on transportation with us go toFAQ


Prices Airport Shuttle Quote
Prices Airport Shuttle Quote

.We are Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle © Do not be fooled by imitators using our name in ads and on web sites we are the original since – 1999

myrtle beach airport shuttle
myrtle beach airport shuttle

Door2door van




price guarantee
price guarantee






On Line Quote & Booking or call Call us at 843-655-0381You must have a reservation no walk on allowed for security of passengers cost-and-compare-shuttle3

  Private Direct Shuttle Myrtle Beach –. We are your “Official Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle” In the Airport shuttle Business since 1999. Don’t trust your reservation to a taxi cab driver as they have many fares other then the airport. –On Line Booking,24/7,Private Ride, No Wait, Direct Non-Stop –  800-699-7684 – We Pick up at Myrtle Beach International Airport – 1100 Jetport Rd – Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 and any place by request.

What are the hours for pick up and drop off – Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle offices are open 24 hours a day but pick up and drop offs are between the hours of 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM 365 Days a Year.

    • How to make a reservation or just get a quote below:
      1.If you know the address type it in and see drop down (do not cut copy paste it will not work.)
      2. If you don’t know the address type the city and state your going then hotel or golf etc.(Selection will drop down click one to get price.(change later).
    • 3. Airports: Myrtle Beach is MYR, Florence is FLO, Wilmington is ILM and Charleston SC is 5500 International Blvd, North Charleston, SC 29418.(or CHS).
    • 4.Most rates are to or from MYR or Myrtle Beach.
    • Having trouble with making a reservation below try this dedicated server link




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